Sentence Pack (IMPERFECT)
Sentence Pack (IMPERFECT)
Sentence Pack (IMPERFECT)

Sentence Pack (IMPERFECT)

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NOTE: These packs are discounted because the tabs are not in perfect condition. The tabs were a little bit squished when shipping and have very minor indentations on the tabs. (It's not obvious at first glance, but you can tell if you hold them closer!)

So many of you have asked for these sentence packs!

We finally found a company who was able to help us print and bind the packs! 🎉   

We are selling them at cost. (We just charge you what the printer charges us!)

You will receive...

  • a bound + laminated book
  • 190 laminated icons
  • Sticky Tac (which can be used to attach the icons to the book)

It should take ~20 minutes to attach the icons.